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I've broken down the Next Generation Science Standards to show you how they work.

The standards may seem complex but they are really a woven piece of science art! I am showing you the 3 main components of NGSS and how you can create lessons that meet all three dimensions.

In the workbook you will learn about the science & engineering practices, the cross cutting concepts, and the disciplinary core ideas. I discuss what a 5E lesson looks like and give you the systems to keep track of what you're teaching!

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I go into depth on Kindergarten Standards and what that looks like in your classroom. You'll be teaching science in no time!

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    I run on coffee, kitty snuggles, and messy buns.

    A former Kindergarten Teacher turned Middle School Science Educator; I'm passionate about creating opportunities of growth through STEM Education.

    I'm determined to break down the Next Generation Science Standards and make them more approachable for myself and teachers like you.